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Transforming India’s sports

Ignite Talent and Passion in the Next Generation

Kankanala Sports Group is driving a sports revolution in India with a vision to "Ignite Talent and Passion in the Next Generation. " We're cultivating world-class talent by investing in grassroots development and through owning sports franchises across multiple sports:


INDE Racing in the FIM E-xplorer

Hyderabad Black Hawks in the Prime Volleyball League

Telugu Talons in the Premier Handball League

Bangalore Raptors in the Premier Badminton League

“We're on a mission to create an ecosystem for all sports to thrive and therefore for India to become a sports nation globally recognized.“

Abhishek Reddy Kankanala, Chairman

INDE Racing

India’s first independent global motorsports team! INDE Racing is entering into the racing world of the FIM e-xplorer World Cup, by being Boldly Sustainable, Boldly Equal and most importantly, Boldly Indian.

Hyderabad Black Hawks

Raw aggression, fiery talent. That what Black Hawks is all about. Ignited by passion, our Prime Volleyball (PVL) team has been redefining India’s volleyball landscape through its fans. Labelled “the coolest team in Indian sports”, the Black Hawks have pioneered global partnerships and contributed to the PVL’s rapid growth

Telugu Talons

Here to represent the Telugu community, the Talons have already made their mark during the Premier Handball League (PHL) inaugural season. By introducing international coaching methodologies, the Telugu Talons have set the standard for what Indian Handball will become.

Bengaluru Raptors

Back to Back Premier Badminton League (PBL) champions, the Raptors ally Indian talents and international technique.


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